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Tree Pruning in Saint Augustine, FL

To keep the trees on your property looking their best, it’s vital to give them the attention they require. Well-maintained trees are full and beautiful, while neglected ones are unhealthy and weak. At EnviroTec Lawn Care, we provide a range of services that you can choose from to keep your trees robust. 

Tree pruning in Saint Augustine, FL, is one of the ways we can look after your trees. Pruning selectively reduces the number of branches. It helps to shape the tree, keep it healthy, increase yield, and prepare it to be moved for replanting. Fewer branches allow the tree to focus energy in a more concentrated area rather than spreading it throughout a large number of limbs. 

Pruning away dead or dying branches reduces the risk they will fall onto someone or something, and it also minimizes the chances of the disease spreading throughout the entire tree. If that happens, it will need to be removed, which homeowners wish to avoid. 

Tree trimming is similar to pruning, but it is subtly different. Trimming cuts back overgrown areas of the tree that have been allowed to spread unchecked. It is essentially the result of a lack of pruning.

You can contact us today at EnviroTec Lawn Care to book our team to provide tree pruning and trimming at your property.