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Professional Tree Trimming in Saint Augustine, FL

When it comes to tree trimming in Saint Augustine, FL, EnviroTec Lawn Care is the company to choose for the best lawn care around. We’re dedicated to providing the best services for your backyard to ensure it’s looking its best and that any overgrown shrubs or trees aren’t inhibiting the safety of you or your home. 

Trees can get very large, especially once their roots are properly settled into the soil. Just as the roots can cause potential damage to pipes below the ground, tree branches might become a hazard if they start growing too close to your windows or roof. That’s why tree trimming is essential to help promote healthy growth. Also known as pruning, getting rid of diseased or infested branches can be of greater benefit to the tree than letting the malignancy take its course. A dead tree would be more dangerous to you and your home if it becomes hollow or brittle.

Shrub Care

Our company isn’t just limited to tree trimming; we also handle shrub care and maintenance to ensure your lawn is the healthiest it can be. Giving your shrubs the care they need means getting rid of any dead twigs, leaves, and branches so that the shrub can focus its nutrients on healthier regrowth. This will also encourage the growth of flowers and fruit (depending on the shrub).